Man knocked down by criminal in high speed police car chase


A 61 year old Chinese man was knocked down by a car driven by suspected drug criminal in a high speed police car chase this morning at Jalan Perak. Unfortunately, he was crossing the road when the chase came by and was killed instantly with head injuries.

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Above can be seen a walking cane, a dope cap and sandals belonging to the man. A car number plate belonging to the criminal was also found.

A local nearby mentioned that the man had suffered a stroke earlier and had mobility issues. It is really unfortunate that he was there at that time.

The video below shows his body being carried up from the road to be transferred into the police truck.

The chase ended somewhere at Batu Uban where police cornered the suspected criminal. Several shots could be heard.

A man in the silver MyVi seen dragged out of his vehicle and then apprehended.

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The driven car was found to be registered under a car rental company.

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Several items consisting of a few bags of plastic believed to be drugs, weighing scales, several handphones & notebooks were recovered from the 46 year old suspect. The suspect, a Malay lawn mower have had several drugs and criminal offences in the past.

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