Kicks and Beats: The Unique Street Culture Cruise on Genting Dream


SINGAPORE: Resorts World Cruises is bringing a unique and immersive street culture experience to the high seas with its Kicks and Beats thematic cruise, according to company President Michael Goh. The exclusive offering will run from 13th March to 10th May 2024, on board the Genting Dream, allowing vacationers to explore the vibrant world of street art, style, and culture while cruising to exotic destinations.

Goh expressed excitement about showcasing the different facets of this truly unique culture through interactive activities and inviting talents from Singapore and Malaysia. “Street culture resonates across different age groups, and we are delighted to present it in a fun and engaging way,” he said.

The Sneaker Street at sea on the Genting Dream promises to be a highlight, featuring a series of amazing graffiti art, including a giant sneaker painting by Singapore’s Yen from HTFU and Jeranne from ABSNC. Limited edition and vintage sneaker collections will also be on display, with opportunities for guests to purchase coveted international brands to satisfy their personal sneaker addiction.

Vacationers can immerse themselves in various workshops and activities related to street culture and arts. Louis Ong, a renowned Malaysian artist, will guide them in customising and painting their kicks, while sneaker enthusiasts can learn cool lacing techniques. Explosive street dance and hip-hop performances will keep guests entertained, with workshops available for those who want to pick up new dance skills.

For art enthusiasts, live mural and graffiti paintings by Singaporean and Malaysian artists like Newba, Araikreva, EBAO, and Aizen will provide inspiration, accompanied by graffiti workshops for hands-on exploration with friends and family.

The Kicks and Beats thematic cruise will offer various itineraries from Singapore, including 2-night weekend getaways, 2-night Kuala Lumpur cruises, 3-night Kuala Lumpur-Phuket or Kuala Lumpur-Penang sailings, and more. Cruises from Kuala Lumpur will also be available, featuring 3-night Phuket–Singapore, 3-night Penang-Singapore, and 4-night Singapore itineraries.

Genting Dream cruise packages include complimentary dining options, certified Halal and Vegetarian cuisine, access to recreational activities and performances, and a range of accommodations, including the luxurious “The Palace” all-suite enclave with exclusive amenities and 24-hour European-style butler service.

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