Chinese Seal Engraver & Calligrapher – Ng Chai Tiam


Ng Chai Tiam toils meticulously at his work table on the five-foot way of Beach Street. Although he has his wares in the shop, most of his work is done outside.

He had been in this craft for the past 54 years. This is really intricate work and what’s amazing is that he has to do everything reversed in order for the seal to stamp the correct image.

As you can see, he needs a magnifying glass to ensure his engravings are done right. Ng Chai Tiam told us that business is picking up since there are a lot more tourists now. He also mentioned that nearing Chinese New Year is also a good time.

Here are some samples of his work. He works with alphabets too if his customer requests. The custom work can also include any vector-based graphics as you wish.

Mr Ng also does Chinese calligraphy. Now is a popular time to get him to write something for your Chinese New Year decorations. It’s customary to hang phrases at your premises in order to bring good luck and ward off bad energy.

This particular stamp is especially good for the coming tiger year. We can’t read Chinese but he mentioned this stamp is something about taming the force of the tiger 🙂

Here is his name card if you wish to enquire about his services. He also deals with Chinese antiques. You can visit him at the address below.

Tian Hua Arts & Antique
371 Beach Street
10300 Penang
017-478 2878

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