World Planting Day – Herb & Spice Garden


The Herb and Spice Garden jointly managed by Shangri-La Rasa Sayang and Shangri-La Golden Sands has sprung back to life in conjunction with ‘World Planting Day’ on 21 March 2022. The lucky couple Malaysian celebrity and entrepreneur Aleeya and her husband Azri Aziz were the first hotel guests to replant aromatics in the new and expanded garden.

Originally set up in 2011, the plot fell into neglect during the Covid-19 lockdowns. With things returning to normalcy, the management decided to refresh it with more varieties of local herbs and spices. Located just outside the hotel golf course, the new garden has welcomes the addition of a rare variant of sawtooh coriander, daun salam, Thai basil, kafir lime, screwpine leaf and Ceylon cinnamon among others.

Other plants cultivated here include Stevia, which is often used as a sugar substitute by diabetics and health-conscious folk. There are also lemongrass, Indian borage, bird’s eye chilli, wild pepper, black pepper and wild leaf, robusta coffee, vanilla, cocoa, cat’s whiskers, ginger, curry leaves, nutmeg and cloves.


Besides giving guests an exciting insight into organic farming and local produce, the new Herb & Spice Garden will also supply their kitchen with a free and sustainable source of fresh ingredients – to spice up Asian culinary offerings such as Laksa (which uses ginger and mint), as well as various curry dishes (which require turmeric, cardamon and galangal).

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