Police Go After MCO SOP Defaulters At Karpal Singh Drive


There was a massive operation at Karpal Singh Drive this evening to check on defaulters of MCO SOPs. Many people were seen lingering around the area during this period.

It has been stated clearly that no recreational activities are allowed except for jogging, cycling & exercising with physical distancing adhered.

Here’s a video shot from higher ground from viral WhatsApp sharing.

And another from ground level.

Here you can see police setting up tables to record and issue compounds for the defaulters.

Photo from WhatsApp sharing

Many people were caught unaware as they were relaxing around the area.

Photo from WhatsApp sharing

This is not the first time the police had conducted checks at this area. Several people were caught and summoned during the previous MCO.

Photo from WhatsApp sharing

All the defaulters were dressed casually and not jogging, cycling or exercising. Several people were caught fishing and there was also a guy who was flying a kite!

Photo from WhatsApp sharing

We urge everyone to stay home during this MCO as the number of cases in Penang had risen considerably high and all hospitals are at full capacity. If the frontliners are incapable of handling the influx of positive cases, other non Covid-19 cases would also be affected.

Please stay safe and adhere to all SOPs during this MCO. If you are unsure of the SOPs, you may check out SOPs: Nationwide MCO from 12th May till 7th June 2021

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