MBPP tears down shelters & toilets at Iconic Hill


MBPP had torn down several shelters and toilets at Iconic Hill this morning. The council removed the gazebos and then proceeded to demolish toilet structures nearby.

A group of hikers and many netizens condemn their actions and expressed their views mainly on social media.

The city council then put out a media release explaining their actions. There had been a spot check done by their officers on the 25th January 2021 and the owners had been informed about their illegal structures and asked to comply with their requirements.

Another notice was sent again on the 8th February 2021 and the last one on 15th March 2021. Due to non-compliance from the landowners, MBPP proceeded to demolish the said structures.

MBPP wishes to inform the public that its actions are not to trouble the public but to enforce building compliance. Approval from the council is vital to ensure buildings are built according to standards and safety for public use.

All building of structures by landowners must apply for approval before work begins. MBPP appeals to all lanwoners to obtain approvals before starting their construction work.

Attached below are some video shots from passerbys.


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