Batik Aidilfitri at Gurney Plaza


In welcoming the festive season of the glorious Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Gurney Plaza is proud to present ‘Batik Aidilfitri a celebration filled with Malaysia’s rich heritage, culture, and tradition. Throughout the holy festival, it’s time to gather your loved ones to feel and be at home with your neighbourhood shopping complex as they get you into the mood through nostalgic and experiential decorations, cultural events, and lavish redemptions.

Inspired by the floral motifs of batik, they have taken a slice of the widely adored Malaysian textile heritage and transformed the heart of Gurney Plaza into your friendly neighbourhood kampung: which could easily be compared to your best friend’s backyard. To further highlight the beauty and richness of our main element, we have immersed every inch of our Centre Atrium with vibrant batik motifs. Shoppers will find them featured through the windowpanes of our Batik House, along with actual kain batik showcased at the gazebo. One of the most stunning photo opportunities shoppers should not miss is the various coloured and textured kain batik hung stunningly altogether along a tall structure, situated in the middle and at the entrance upon walking in.

Be welcomed into the kampung by the high and mighty bamboo arch at the entrance of our festive décor, in which you will find other Malaysian’s national symbols and elements such as the way – an intricately designed Malaysian moon-kite, a beca – a three-wheeled vehicle, and a sampan – a relatively flat-bottomed Malay wooden boat. But that’s not all. It’s not realistically a backyard without a chicken coop- and yes, you will find a sweet family of chickens in a corner consisting of a mother hen with her rooster and little chicks!

To enrich the element of batik further, Gurney Plaza has invited Penang-born, self taught oil painter and illustrator Mandy Muang (also known as MAMA) to showcase a segment of her Orikata Tales, exhibiting her life-like Batik Origami animals (towel art) at our Batik House. Originally. The Orikata Tales by Mandy Maung comprises of impressive oil paintings of life-like Batik Origami animals (towel art). The word kata itself is universal as it is used in various languages, notably English, Japanese and Bahasa Malaysia. By marrying the word “ori” and “kata”, Mandy successfully emphasizes and encapsulates the timeless dance of Culture and Heritage. To further personify her art, Mandy uses Batik as her muse. Used here as the fabric of unity, as Batik is an art form that represents Malaysians as a whole, regardless of economic status, social class, or ethnicity. It represents a sense of uniqueness that comes only from a melting pot of culture and heritage and a direct reflection of her mixed Burmese-Chinese parentage.

On the other hand, during this festive period, to further spur the shopping experience. shoppers can look forward to fun-filled events such as a Batik Demonstration and Workshop by Penang Batik Factory, a Gamelan Performance. The Zapin Dance, Kuda Kepang, and their festive “Raya Shop and Win Contest”, where shoppers may stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S22+, Coffee Machine and RM100 STARVoucher with a min. spending of RM200 in a single receipt.

Raya Redemptions
Exclusive Raya Packet Redemption
16 April onwards, Information Counter
* Spend RM800 & above to redeem a set (8 pieces)

Laura Mercier Beauty Set Redemption
16 April onwards, Information Counter
* Spend RM600 & above to redeem

The Body Shop Olive Shower Gel Redemption
23 April onwards, Information Counter
* Spend RM400 & above to redeem
* Limited to one redemption per shopper per day.
* Max. two combined same day receipts. Only for CapitaStar members.
* Terms apply & while stocks last.

Raya Canister set Redemption
30 April onwards. Information Counter
Use 4000 STAR$ to redeem a Raya Canister Set. Log on to your CapitaStar Mobile Apps to redeem. *1 redemption per shopper.

Raya Events and Campaigns
ORIKATA TALES by Mandy Maung
12 April – 15 May 2022 | Centre Atrium

Raya Shop & Win Contest
11 April – 31 May 2022
Stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S22+, Coffee Machine and RM100 STARVoucher with a min. spending of RM200 in a single receipt. Just upload your receipts via CapitaStar Mobile App. *Only for CapitaStar members

Pre Raya-Shopping Party with us – CapitaStar 2X Reward
29, 30 April & 1 May 2022
Shop with us and be rewarded with 2X STAR$ with a min. spending of RM30 in a single receipt. Just upload your receipts via CapitaStar Mobile App. *Only for CapitaStar members.

GIFT A Raya STARVoucher
8 April – 31 May 2022
Convert your STAR$ to STARVoucher and send it to your friends & family this Raya. It’s easy, just submit your request form on today!

CapitaStar Raya STAMP Rewards
8 April – 31 May 2022
Complete 5 stamps to receive RM5 STARVoucher. Simply collect 1 stamp when you upload a receipt of minimum RM100 on CapitaStar App and a RM5 STARVoucher will automatically appear on your CapitaStar App when you have 5 stamps.

Batik Demo & Workshop by Penang Batik Factory
16, 23, 30 April | 2-6pm | Centre Atrium

Kuda Kepang
17 April & 1 May | 3pm | Centre Atrium

Gamelan Performance
24 April 13pm | Centre Atrium

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