Penang’s Mooncake Universe: Mid-Autumn Festival 2023


With the Mid-Autumn Festival fast approaching in 2023, we had come up with a list of awesome collection of mooncakes in Penang. These treats are seriously out-of-this-world where outlets trying to outdo each other with their extravagant offerings and opulent gift boxes.

Be sure to visit this page from time to time as we will update the list until the end of season. You won’t want to miss these special moments!

Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Penang

The Ties That Binds
The mooncake flavours available in this collection include Pure Lotus Single Yolk, Taro Single Yolk, Mixed Nuts, Precious Black, Tiramisu, Green Ruby, Red Bean, Low Sugar White Lotus, Pearl of Harmony, Pandan Lotus, and Pearl of Prosperity. Each flavour is carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients to ensure a delightful taste experience.

There are two exclusive sets for mooncake enthusiasts. The Fabulous Four Set, priced at RM168 nett, includes four exquisite mooncakes that satisfy any craving. For those seeking an even greater variety, the Extravagant Eight Set, priced at RM278 nett, offers a stunning selection of eight mooncakes.

The deal is available only on specially designed box sets, adding an extra touch of elegance to the festivities. For more information and inquiries, please call 04-888 8788 or send a WhatsApp message to 019 409 0460.

You can also order online at the link

Click here to view their PDF eBrochure with a lot more details about their mooncake collection.

Ghee Hiang

Ghee Hiang Mooncakes
Introducing the delightful mooncake offerings from GHEE HIANG! Since 1856, they’ve been crafting mouthwatering treats that capture the essence of tradition. They had crafted their gift box in the shape of a traditional rabbit shaped lantern. Let’s dive into their tempting sets:

Set 1 RM98: Green Tea, Red Bean, Lotus Double Yolk & Pandan Single Yolk
Set 2 RM101: Mixed Nuts, Red Bean, Lotus Double Yolk & Pandan Single Yolk

Remember, these delectable mooncakes are available for only RM82 (Set 1) and RM84 (Set 2) each if you place your orders before the 31st of August 2023.

For enquiries, you may WhatsApp them at 011 1193 6015 or buy directly from their Official Shopee Shop.

Iconic Hotel

Moonlit Treasure
Introducing the “Moonlit Treasure” Collection – a celestial delight that promises to enchant your taste buds and elevate your Mid-Autumn Festival experience. Brace yourself for a symphony of six exceptional mooncake flavors, each a masterpiece meticulously crafted to whisk you away on a flavorful journey through tradition and innovation.

🥮 Ballad of The Moon
🥮 Black Sesame Mooncake
🥮 Chocolate Mooncake
🥮 Pure Lotus Mooncake
🥮 Pandan Mooncake
🥮 Tau Sar Mooncake

But that’s not all – this collection isn’t just about the mooncakes. It’s about the whole enchanting package. A stunning exclusive gift box, designed to reflect the elegance of the moon’s glow. And as a nod to the times we live in, the collection also includes limited edition face masks that blend style and safety seamlessly.

If you’re quick to seize the moment and place your order before 29th August 2023, you’ll enjoy the “Moonlit Treasure” set at an attractive price of RM108 nett. The normal price for this enchanting collection is RM128 nett per set.

Call +604 505 9988 to order right now!

The Prestige Hotel

The Charm of Mid-Autumn
Dive into a palette of flavors that take the classic mooncake to new heights. Sink your teeth into the Savoury Lotus with Chicken Floss. Savor the timeless combination of Lotus with Salted Egg. For those seeking a unique taste experience, the Red Bean with Salted Egg offers a harmonious blend of textures and flavors that dance on your taste buds. Indulge in the nutty sophistication of Black Sesame and Macadamia, where the deep earthiness of black sesame meets the buttery crunch of macadamia nuts.

And that’s not all – each box comes with two sachets of Premium TWG tea bags, perfectly complementing the mooncakes for a luxurious experience. Priced at RM 128+ per box, these mooncakes are more than just confections; they’re exquisite pieces of tradition and taste. Plus, here’s a sweet deal: get 10% off when you make a full payment before 31st August 2023. Immerse yourself in the charm of the Mid-Autumn Festival with The Prestige Hotel’s exquisite mooncake collection.

Ring up +604 217 5888 to make your order!

Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Moonlight Rythm
The Golden Serenade mooncake box is a sight to behold. With its elegant design and luxurious touch, textured handle and embossed logo, an extra layer of refinement is added to its exquisite packaging. The 3-layered box comes with your choice of 4 delectable pieces of mooncake, uniquely designed in-house to be a feast for both the eyes and taste buds.

Golden Serenade Mooncake Box | RM188 per box
*Inclusive of a limited-edition Mid-Autumn Festival Pin | Only 500 sets available

Harmony Mooncake Box | RM138 per box
*Pin not included

The Duet mooncake box is designed to mesmerise. The box features discreet hidden magnetic closures, while its chromatic red hues radiate festivity with a twist of Hard Rock, making it the perfect gift. Treat yourself or someone special to this exquisite box and elevate your Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations with an unparalleled experience.

Duet Mooncake Box | RM78 per box | Choose any 2 mooncakes with your preferred flavour.
*Pin not included

Stand a chance to win an unforgettable stay in their exclusive King Suite with Rock Royalty Lounge access when you purchase the Golden Serenade mooncake box.

Stage Pass Member and In-House Guest gets 10% OFF for mooncake packages. Valid until 29 September 2023.

For orders and enquiries, call +60 11-2441 1782. You can also order online at their Lazada shop!

Click here to view their PDF eBrochure with a lot more details about their mooncake collection.

DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang

Moonlight Bloom
Introducing the captivating “Moonlight Bloom” experience, brought to you by DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of refined elegance where blooming blossoms and the enchanting full moon take center stage. The carefully curated selection of mooncakes, known for their impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, promises not just a treat but a journey into bliss with every single bite.

Indulge your taste buds with a symphony of flavors as you explore the exquisite offerings we have prepared. Priced at just RM178 nett, each box holds four delightful mooncakes that encapsulate the spirit of the season.


Oh, and the deals? They’re as irresistible as the mooncakes themselves! Be an early bird and enjoy 20% off your purchase. Planning to indulge to the max? Go for the bulk purchase: 25% off for 10 boxes and above, and a generous 30% discount for 50 boxes and above. And guess what? If you’re within a 10km radius from the hotel, they will send the mooncakes right to your door, free of charge. For distances beyond, it’s just an extra RM2 per subsequent kilometer.

Call 012-3817586 or email [email protected]

Click here to view their PDF eBrochure with a lot more details about their mooncake collection.

Courtyard by Marriot Penang

Moonlight Reunion
If you’re looking for a fantastic way to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Courtyard by Marriott Penang has something special in store for you! Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of mooncakes with their Moonlight Reunion Mooncake Gift Box.

A beautifully crafted box filled with delightful mooncakes that are sure to tickle your taste buds. Inside, you’ll discover a range of flavors that will transport you to a world of culinary delight. From the classic HK White Lotus Single Yolk to the intriguing Charcoal Pu Er’, and from the vibrant Scarlet Red to the refreshing Emerald Green, there’s a flavor for every palate.

And the best part? It’s not just about the flavors – it’s about the experience of sharing these delectable treats with your loved ones. Whether you’re planning a cozy family gathering or a memorable reunion with friends, these mooncakes are the perfect addition to your celebration.

For just RM150.00+, you’ll get a box of 4 mooncakes that are crafted with care and precision. To make a reservation or if you have any questions, you can reach out at +604 297 2300 or contact Walter Tan at +6016 487 7418. You can also drop them an email at [email protected].

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