Bizarre but generous uncle turns up with DIY PPE at USM PPV


This uncle went for his vaccination at USM PPV today wearing his DIY PPE. As soon as he arrived by taxi, he attracted a pinch of sarcastic laughs and snickers from the onlookers around. Unfazed by the attention, he went ahead with his agenda for the day.
At the registration table. Photo: Baim Manan, USM
He proceeds to the registration table to do the needful paperwork while still donning a large plastic bag over his head.
Photo: Baim Manan, USM

Once it was his turn, he was escorted by a lady to the person administering the vaccine. Several medical staff on the ground advised him to remove them and replace them with a face shield but he politely declined and went on.

Photo: Baim Manan, USM

As he was seated for his vaccination, it can be seen that the insides of the plastic bag turning foggy. We can only assume that he is trying to protect himself from airborne variant for this matter.

Photo: Baim Manan, USM

When he was done, he walked slowly to the secretariat and did the most amazing thing!

“The frontliners have been working very hard. Please buy them lunch” said the uncle while handing over quite an amount of cash. He then walked back to the taxi he came with and left everyone in awe of his generosity and humanity.

Kudos to this uncle. We wish him the best of health and thank you for being such an awesome person 🙂

SourceUSM FB

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