Heavy rain wrecks havoc in Tanjung Bungah & Batu Ferringhi

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With just a short heavy downpour this morning from about 7.30am till 10am, many parts of Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi suffered flooding and landslides.

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Even the main road leading up to Batu Ferringhi was not spared as you can see water levels were at knee level. Thanks to Civil Defense members for controlling traffic and helping flood victims.

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Dedicated to their duty, this man stood in the rain and made sure vehicles did not get too close to the drain and fall in.

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A neighbourhood waterfall coming down from Carla’s Peak was experiencing a massive flow as seen in the video above.

Persiaran Tanjung Bungah. WhatsApp Sharing

This road is a popular jogging and recreational spot in the mornings and evenings. Flooding of water with sludge from nearby hill cutting development would be the cause of this.

Behind Surin Condominium

More landslides are bound to happen if hill cutting is left unchecked. Below is a fresh video from the collapsed road which happened about 2 years ago. The road remains collapsed as related parties were expecting God to fix them but we guessed he was busy.

There were also reports of landslides and uprooted trees at Vale of Temp and also Pearl Hill. Be advised to avoid those areas for your own safety.

Nearby residents are living in fear right now and pro-development citizens are chiding the rationale of their fears. Whatever it is, make your own stand on this and have a great day ahead 😀

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