G Hotel’s Culinary Maestro Returns: Ketut Dodi Reassumes Mantle as Executive Chef


GEORGE TOWN: G Hotel is thrilled to introduce Ketut Gege Dodi as the new Executive Chef, infusing the hotel’s culinary narrative with his extraordinary gastronomic finesse. Hailing from Bali, Chef Ketut Gege Dodi brings erudition and international flair to G Hotel.

Graduating from Bali Tourism Hotel, Chef Dodi’s foundation in hospitality is solid. His linguistic adeptness, honed through English courses, facilitates seamless global patron interactions while flaunting his culinary prowess.

Chef Dodi’s journey spans Movenpick Hotel Doha to illustrious 5-star establishments like Sofitel Macao, Chedi Hotel & Resort Muscat Oman, and more. His voyage from Qatar, Macao, Saudi Arabia up to Bali exemplifies his unquenchable thirst for triumph.

Chef Dodi’s accolades extend to catering to nobility and crafting gastronomic sojourns aboard private yachts sailing through Italy, Oman, Monaco, Singapore and Thailand for high-profile dignitaries.

Notably, Chef Dodi was a key member of G Hotel Kelawai’s prelude team, later ascending to Executive Chef at G Hotel Gurney, highlighting his culinary brilliance.

Michael Hanratty, G Hotel’s General Manager, welcomed Chef Ketut Gege Dodi, stating, “We are delighted to have Dodi back at G Hotel. His extensive culinary background and unique perspective will undoubtedly elevate our dining offerings and create unforgettable experiences for our guests.”

With Chef Dodi’s reemergence, dining at G Hotel Gurney and G Hotel Kelawai promises gastronomic rapture. As Executive Chef, Chef Ketut Gege Dodi unveils his debut masterpiece, Ayam Bakar, at Café 168. This Indonesian delight harmonizes Balinese essences and techniques with his inventive verve.

Chef Dodi’s mission at G Hotel includes revamping buffet offerings, infusing them with vivacious flavors and artful presentations, redefining the culinary panorama.

Chef Dodi’s ingenuity will be evident across buffet menus, vinous soirées, and à la carte selections sprawled across G Hotel’s dining venues. His commitment to culinary excellence will redefine the region’s gastronomy scene.

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