CST Tires ‘Choice of Champions’ Tire Showcase Event: Penang and Xiamen’s Collaborative Tire Legacy


GEORGE TOWN: In the vibrant city of Penang, where history intertwines with innovation, a momentous event unfolded, connecting two cities across borders and cultures. The CST (Cheng Shin Tire – CST) “Choice of Champions” Tire Showcase Event, held on the 29th of October 2023, echoed the spirit of collaboration between Penang and Xiamen, sister cities bound by friendship and business aspirations.

Helen Tan, YB Wong, Alice Kho, Alvin Hsieh

YB Wong Hon Wai, the Chairman of the Penang State Tourism and Creative Economy EXCO, stood as a beacon of hope for the future as he articulated his vision of prosperity, highlighting the need for innovative collaboration between entrepreneurs from Penang and Xiamen. His words resonated with a deep sense of purpose, encapsulating the essence of the event.

Against the backdrop of longstanding government-to-government cooperation, the Penang-Xiamen sisterhood, spanning three decades, gained new momentum. YAB Chow Kon Yeow, the Chief Minister of Penang, recently ventured to Xiamen, fostering a partnership between Kian Hon Tyres and Xiamen CST Tires. This collaboration signifies more than just a business venture; it represents the fusion of cultures, ideas, and dreams.

In the intricate web of statistics and trade dynamics, Penang emerged as Malaysia’s primary exporting state, contributing to a staggering 34.6% of the nation’s total exports. With China standing as Malaysia’s foremost trading partner, the synergy between these two economic powerhouses promises exponential growth. YB Wong Hon Wai envisioned this partnership evolving into a driving force, propelling business collaborations and ushering in a wave of opportunities for both Penang and Xiamen.

The inauguration of a direct flight from Xiamen to Penang marked a significant milestone. As YB Wong Hon Wai eloquently put it, this new air route symbolized more than mere convenience for travelers; it was a gateway to enhanced tourism and economic prosperity. The skies, once distant and vast, now seemed to shrink, bridging the geographical gap between these two cities.

At the heart of this collaboration were the remarkable products jointly created by Xiamen CST Tires and Penang’s Blanc Designs. The tires, more than just rubber and tread, were a testament to craftsmanship and ingenuity. Ms. Helen Tan, the Managing Director of CST Tires Malaysia & Blanc Designs, shared the story of these extraordinary creations. Designed not only to meet international standards but to exceed them, these tires had clinched championships in competitions and earned accolades across 180 countries. “Choice of Champions,” she proudly stated, was not just a local phenomenon but a global sensation, a testament to the collaborative spirit between Penang and Xiamen.

Dato’ Hwang Thean Long, President of the Penang-Xiamen Friendship Association, saw beyond the rubber and steel. To him, these events were not merely showcases of friendship; they were bridges facilitating trade, propelling Penang into the international limelight. His words echoed with wisdom, emphasizing the significance of cultural exchange and economic collaboration.

In the absence of physical presence, Chief Minister YAB Chow Kon Yeow sent forth his warm regards through a recorded video, congratulating the success of the event. Among the esteemed attendees were visionaries like Mr. Alvin Hsieh, CST Tires Xiamen International Sales Director, Mdm. Alice Khor, CEO of Kian Hon Tyres Sdn Bhd, and Dato’ Ooi Chin Loo, Vice President of the Penang-Xiamen Friendship Association. Their presence symbolized the collective dedication to nurturing this partnership, turning aspirations into tangible results.

In the grand tapestry of Penang’s history, the CST “Choice of Champions” Tire Showcase Event etched a new chapter. It was not just about rubber meeting the road; it was about dreams taking flight and friendships spanning continents. As the echoes of collaboration reverberated through the halls, Penang and Xiamen stood together, not as separate entities but as interconnected souls, bound by dreams, and fueled by creativity.

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