A Journey Through Time: Celebrating 50 Years of Love at Penang’s Rasa Sayang Resort


GEORGE TOWN: The illustrious Shangri-La Rasa Sayang, nestled in the heart of Penang, has woven a tapestry of cherished memories over the past five decades, drawing in guests from every corner of the globe, including those smitten lovebirds! And now, in commemoration of this momentous milestone, the resort extends a gracious invitation to all couples who once graced its lush and idyllic environs for their receptions or vows from 1973 to 1976, to partake in the grand spectacle of the Golden Anniversary Grand Dinner.

A journey down the memory lane awaits these lucky souls, as they gather at the Pelangi Ballroom for a night that shall be etched into their hearts forever. If you and your beloved exchanged vows or reveled in matrimonial bliss at this haven of love during the specified period, this auspicious occasion calls you to relive those cherished moments and raise your glasses to a lifetime of togetherness.

To gain an entry to this exclusive affair, the couples must furnish tangible proof of their special day, be it through photographs, or the cherished wedding invitation cards from the bygone era of Rasa Sayang between 1973 and 1976. However, as much as they wish to welcome all, the invitations are limited, restricted only to the first fifty couples who step forth to claim their spot.

Anticipate a night brimming with delight as live entertainment weaves its enchanting melodies, playback to the nostalgic tunes that graced the air during the old days. Couples shall converge and intermingle, spinning tales of jubilation, love, and laughter that have colored their lives throughout the years.

The esteemed couples will be rewarded generously for their presence, for each couple shall receive a unique, gift from the hotel, and as an added delight, they shall revel in a complimentary three-day, two-night stay within the opulent embrace of a Rasa Junior Suite, affording them the privilege of direct access to the Rasa Wing Lounge, where daily afternoon tea and cocktails await to pamper their senses.

Choong Kit Siong, the Director of Commercial Sales, exclaims with heartfelt joy, “What better way to celebrate our 50th Anniversary than to welcome back the treasured guests who embarked on a journey with us all those years ago. This gesture is our way of expressing our utmost gratitude for their confidence in choosing Rasa Sayang as the venue for their most important occasions.”

“We eagerly anticipate rekindling connections, sharing fond memories and further nourishing the strong bonds we share with these golden couples during the special dinner.”

“Having been a preferred venue for celebrating love and romance for five decades, Rasa Sayang remains dedicated to welcoming all with a genuine sense of hospitality and warmth. This spirit is what makes us a truly remarkable destination not just for weddings, but all special celebrations.”

Rasa Sayang has unfailingly held its place as a beacon for love and romance for five glorious decades, showing genuine hospitality and warmth to all who step through its doors. This spirit is what renders it a truly extraordinary destination, not merely for weddings but for all manner of exceptional celebrations.

For further details or to confirm your attendance at this momentous event, visiting the resort’s website at www.rasasayangresort.com, or contacting the Communications Department at 604 888 8888.

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